In ancient Greece, Zeus sheltered the Aegean Sea, people believed in Olympus.

There was a small town on the east coast of the Aegean Sea, where men lived on going out to sea while women and children prayed in front of the stature of gods for the family's safe return every day. And there was an old lighthouse, witnessing silently of the joy and happiness of family's safe reunion.

One day ,as usual, men went away from the dork, with the family's prayer and expectation. When the twilight fell, women and children, as usual were waiting at the dork for the happy moment of their men's safe return. However, what embraced them were dark clouds as well as thunder and lighting. With the waves and storm lapping against the rocks, the waiting people started to worry. Suddenly, the whole Aegean Sea was enveloped by darkness, putting out the light of the lighthouse, which was the hope of the waiting people. Countless waiting people swarmed into the temple, praying, mingled with cry, only for the safe return of their men.

No matter how to pray, the lighthouse is the guidance for the man to return home safely. Thus, a teenager named Neysa, suffered from the lightning and the storm, climbed hardly to the lighthouse, even fell down several times due to limited physical strength. However, he never gave up, with his beloved father who was in the sea far away on his mind. Finally, he reached the peak of the lighthouse, relit the light and stayed there until the family's safe return. At that moment, men and women embraced happily under the lighthouse once again.

Neysa became the hero, and his name was given the meaning of brightness by people in the town. He became the angel of light.

The headquarter of NEYSA lighting (WUXI NEYSA OPTOELECTRONIC TECH CO,LTD) lies in scenic Wuxi National Software Park (I-PARK).With the registered capital of 25 million yuan, our company is specialized in LED special industry lighting lamps with high power and high brightness. We have several subsidiaries including Wuxi Neysa Optoelectronic Tech Co.,Ltd Xishan Branch, Shanghai Neysa International Trading Co.,Ltd. So far, we have obtained more than ten explosive-proof certifications in all kinds of special industries. Also we have acquired a variety of invention patents and new-type utility patents. We have advanced testing equipment as well as complete testing laboratory. The development and the testing of all products are based on the standard of IEC(International Electrotechnical Commission) and GB-China national Standard. We have achieved a lot of honor such as drafting unit ofmember unit of Shanghai semiconductor lighting engineering technology association, member unit of China Energy Conservation Association, member unit of National Semiconductor Alliance, etc.

So far, the explosive-proof products produced by our company have successfully sold to large state-owned enterprises such as China Coal, CNPC, SINOPEC, CNOOC, CHINALCO,etc. NEYSA heavy engineering lamps have appeared successfully. NEYSA outdoor lamps are used in lighting transformation of local authority several times,meanwhile our indoor lamps succeed in entering a first-class hospital invested from Taiwan--Shanghai Hexin Hospital. NEYSA indoor and outdoor lamps have successfully exported to European, South America, Southeast Asia,etc with good reputation and brand popularity.Excellent management for quality has always been our persistence.Every manufacturing process of NEYSA product is strictly controlled according to ISO9001 quality management system and other regulatory requirements,thus making our products more reliable, stable and competitive.

NEYSA is mordenized enterprise full of energy, thought, social responsibility,devoting itself to be the navigator(N) of green lighting. We insist on the business philosophy of Ecosystem(E), keeping innovative and young(Y).Taking the customers' safety(S) as priority, we provide aristocrat (A) solutions to lighting system. As the leading enterprise in Chinese LED industry,HFO(NEYSA lighting) is pioneering LED revolution.

Company strength
Our team

lites in the industry have been chosen to form a highly educated team.The percentage of R&D staff is over 50% , and the percentage of postgraduate is over 30%.Main R&D staff are graduated from Chinese Academy of Sciences,Zhejiang University, Chinese Academy of Art, Xi'an Jiaotong University and so on.

R&D philosophy

The "pass" system is adopted,which means every process is strictly tested, and the next process can not be accessed to until the previous process has been finished.For example, several experiments such as protection level experiment and aging experiment,etc must be conducted on the lamp.


First-class test platform in the industry:IP waterproof level testing system,LED 310 thermoelectricity performance analyzer, LED life and reliability testing system,HAAS-2000 ultraviolet and near-infrared optical spectrum analyzer system, cold and heat shock test chamber,integrating sphere, salt mist corrosion test chamber, etc.

Manufacturing system

We adopt Toyota Production System. Same standard of production system, on-site 5S control, process verification, technological requirements and product quality system.