Since there is no environmental contaminant such as mercury, plumbum in the explosive-proof lamp,there is no environmental pollution.It is known that mercury is a poisonous substance which most of high efficient electric light source contains.According to the research on mercury from Stanford University in the USA, 1mg mercury can pollute 5454.5Kg portable water.

Fluorescent lamp
Halogen lamp HPS Energy-saving lamp LED
25-45mg 20-25mg 12-14mg 10-15mg 0mg
Long life

The life of explosive-proof lamp is long,which is 5 to 10 times longer than traditional lamp.

Halogen lamp HPS LED
800-1200Hours 3000-8000Hours 50000-100000Hours
Low carbon

LED explosive-proof lamp from Neysa Illumination(110W)=less 298Kg standard coal is used every year=less 1092Kg carbon dioxide is emitted.


100W high bay produced by Neysa lighting can save 66% of the power compared to that of 250W halogen lamp (system power is 300W).If the lamp is used for 12 hours a day, it can save 876kw/h every year. Taking three years as the warranty, in total 2628 kw/h can be saved, which means 1839.6Yuan can be saved if the electric charge is calculated as 0.7Yuan/degree. While the warranty of halogen lamp is 1year.As a result, 2 years' maintenance cost can be saved if LED high bay is used.